Trusted Online Casino Singapore 2023

The vast amount of online casinos out there can be intimidating for Singapore players such as you who wish to start their ventures in winning big.

With CasinosWiki, our team take up the effort to review and research them carefully to narrow down the best Online Casino Singapore for your best experience as players.

Top 10 Online Casino Sites

EU9 Casino Online Singapore

Bonus Offer

Depo 50 get free 50


  • Depo $50 get Free $50 - only x3 turnover
  • Highest welcome bonus up to SGD 2990
  • $90 referral bonus / referee. Weekly commission $2000
  • Unlimited 1.5% daily rebate


77W Casino Online Singapore

Bonus Offer

Starter Pack $77 Free $77


  • $2770 Slot Welcome Bonus
  • Refer A Friend, Get $3000
  • $188 Daily Slot, Live Casino, Sportsbook Bonus
  • 1.5% Instant Rebate - Highest in Singapore


Yes8 Singapore

Bonus Offer

SGD2880 Welcome Bonus


  • Starter Pack $66 Free $66
  • Golden Dragon Spin $5888
  • $300 Sports Cashback
  • 288% Welcome Bonus for Slot


Hfive5 Casino Online Singapore

Bonus Offer

S$588 New Member Bonus


  • V2 Platform Upgraded [Better Speed & Security]
  • 150% Welcome Bonus
  • M8bet Official Agent [Unlimited 5% Rebate]
  • Weekly cashback


BK8 Casino Online Singapore

Bonus Offer

Weekly Rescue Bonus Up to SGD 2,288


  • Official Partner of Crystal Palace F.C, Burnley F.C, Huddersfield A.F.C
  • Your first bet is free
  • Exclusive Partner of LiveScore and AsianBookie
  • First deposit, bonus USD 100 bonus credits (First Deposit Member Only)


ME88 Casino Online Singapore

Bonus Offer

200% Conor McGregor Welcome Bonus


  • Fastest & easiest platform to achieve VIP status
  • New Instant Rebate feature
  • Proud Sponsor of Namewee music videos
  • Unlimited daily cash rebate


Maxim88 Casino Online Singapore

Bonus Offer

200% Michael Owen Welcome Bonus


  • Exclusive partnership with Evolution Gaming in Asia
  • 8% cash back up to 8,888
  • Monthly lucky draw up to $1,000,000
  • 100% Casino welcome bonus


96M Casino Online Singapore

Bonus Offer

288% Welcome Bonus Challenge up to SGD 2,880


  • Weekly rescue bonus up to SGD 10,000
  • Up to 1% unlimited instant cash rebate
  • Accept e-wallets & cryptocurrency
  • Fast deposit and withdrawal


B9 Casino Online Singapore

Bonus Offer

150% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD1000


  • B92U (Be Nice To You) Protection Program
  • 1st deposit cancellation, Additional FREE SGD9 for 1st deposit
  • Highest cash rebate 4D platform in Singapore


CAT368 Casino Online Singapore

Bonus Offer

USD356 VIP bonus


  • First deposit get USD152; quick withdrawal support
  • Daily cashback up to USD193 for hot games
  • Exclusive Partner of LiveScore; Top 1 Asia Trusty Betting Server


Online Casino Singapore: A Closer Look

The Singapore casino scene has always thrived over the years despite the fact that Singapore is home to two of the biggest land-based casinos in Asia. The two brick-and-mortar casinos, namely Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands, are ranked among the top 10 best casinos in the world.

Online casino Singapore is also just as popular as anywhere in the world compared to Singapore. A recent survey in the UK showed that 17% of the country population gambles to win real money as online players. The same online gambling trend is also prevalent in Singapore. In fact, despite the outlawing of unrated & even rated online casinos in Singapore in 2015, the online market of real money casino is just as huge as other online activities such as e-commerce and Forex trading. This is not just merely any money games, it is a huge industry of opportunity on its own for people to play casino online with real money.

To help players make an informed choice, we give you the most objective and updated reviews of the best online casinos in Singapore to start your gambling adventure experience and win big.

How Do Top Platforms Work in Singapore?

You will find tons of online slot, jackpots, dealer games and all the other popular online casino Singapore games including Online Baccarat, Blackjack, and live dealer poker games that offer great bonuses such as free spins to play. You can even try your hand at other games that you have never heard of when you sign up as a player to a casino online, and your odds of winning is very likely to be way better than winning one random lottery with much better experience....

All you need to do is to look for a platform with your favourite games such as Singapore online slots game & live casino to play from the updated top online casino Singapore reviews that we regularly publish on this site.

All the games you find in these online platforms have the same basic game rules as in a conventional casino game. The good thing is that unlike the gambling experience with offline casinos, you won’t feel pressured to play the games with other players or even have to abide by all those unnecessary requirements such as dress code and etiquette.

You can even play the game from your bedroom wearing pajamas if you like as long as you have internet access; maybe that is how you get your best odds.

 Best Online Casino Singapore


Easily Find The Top Rated Singapore Online Casino

As a Casino review site, we go to great lengths to give you updated information about the best online gambling pots available to play by Singapore residents. We show you the bonuses and casino gaming experience best online casino Singapore has to offer.

Each of the online casinos reviewed on our site has its own unique combination of games, especially live casino, by reputable providers like Pragmatic Play & Evolution Gaming, as well as rewards and payment methods. Our mission is to recommend to you the most trustworthy licensed casino online so that you get value for the real money you are going to wager/

We have researched extensively on the policies of each platform and have specifically reviewed a number of them. One of the major areas of our concern is the secure storage of your well-deserved cash after every win.

Singaporean Online Casino: Is it legal ?

License and Accreditations

According to the Singapore Casino Control Regulations 2010, casino advertising is permitted with the prior approval of CRA. In Singapore, land-based betting activities are usually regulated by the Betting Act, The Private Lotteries Act, The Casino Control Act, and The Common Gaming Houses Act. On the other hand, the online gaming activities permissible under the Remote Gambling Act include participating in the lottery, playing games of chance for money or money’s worth, and staking money or money’s worth based on the outcome of sporting events such as sports betting or horse racing.

There is no proper license-issuing framework for Singapore online casino, so it can be a little bit hard to define a legal online betting agency in Singapore. Fortunately, there are still many offshore casinos that are not bounded by stringent laws that you can join to bet your favourite casino game like slots in your own home and take full advantage of.

Online Casino Gaming with Mobile Casino

There’s one peculiar thing about us Singaporeans. We are always glued to our smartphones and mobile devices ever since the internet pushed Singapore online. We love doing many things on the go without any connection disruption, and that includes online gaming, especially casino gaming with mobile casino.

This is probably why mobile gambling in Singapore is in such high demand in Singapore. It is also the reason why all the online casino Singapore platforms we feature on this site have easy and functional mobile access to play.

Some of the famous online gambling platforms even provide dedicated mobile apps to help you play and have fun as mobile players with better gaming experience while making money on the go. If you are a fan of mobile gambling, make sure the casino you choose works perfectly on your mobile device before you sign up.

How Do We Select the Singapore Casino Providers Reviewed on Our Site?

  1. Mobile-friendliness
  2. We begin at this aspect first since we believe that such is crucial to be looked up to. Nowadays, the existence of mobile access is a must. Back then, the practice of online casinos was dominated by the appliance of the desktop platform, whether in the form of a computer program or an internet website (HTML and CSL). But nowadays, it is not enough. An online casino must follow the latest trend by supporting the app platform for smartphones, whether based on Android or iOS. It will ease their customers and members in reaching the available services and products.

  3. Credibility of software games providers
  4. Then, we also see how they maintain partnerships with many other more prominent brands and providers within the industry. Most players and gambling enthusiasts out there have specific tastes and preferences regarding big names’ lineups, for example, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, Playtech, etc. Thus, a wise thing for a trusted online casino in Singapore to put such concern and do some partnerships with those providers and brands. Moreover, those names are already so popular and have got a lot of fans – it will be easier for online casinos to attract more customers by providing such games.

  5. Variety of game options
  6. A more varied game as product lineups is more critical than the varied services. Based on our research, a player will only play 2-3 kinds of services on average – it will be unlikely that they will play all the online casinos offered services. Thus, to keep them steady and stay, it is better if online casinos have a lot of games.

  7. The ease of depositing and withdrawing funds
  8. To get a higher rank, they must put customers’ convenience as the top urgency. One factor is the ease of transaction for deposits and withdrawals. We believe an online casino needs to understand that those are customers’ money. Thus they must always be ready whether the customers want to spend or retract it immediately – it will prove they are worthy of being a trusted online casino Singapore.

  9. Payout ratios
  10. Payout ratios also come as our concern. An online casino must always do anything quickly and precisely. That is the main deal with the payout ratios: the return percentage given by the providers/brands. The bigger the payout ratio, it will be better. It is since cutting the amount of transaction money is becoming so common, whether in the form of taxes or platforming fees. Hence, we only put our concern for online casinos that do not burden their players and customers a lot.

  11. Payment Method
  12. The last thing about transactions and customers’ conveniences is the variety of payment methods. Online casinos must ease their customers, especially when depositing and withdrawing money. To do that, they must support any available and existing payment method. With a digital breakthrough in the commerce sector, there are a lot of choices nowadays. Payment can be made through bank transfer, cashless apps, mobile and SMS banking, etc. Such examples are the usual must-have methods.

  13. Customer Support
  14. Customers will likely encounter many problems and obstacles in using the various products or services available. It will be so important to be able to help them solve these things. And also, with the diversity of customer demographics owned by an online casino, it will require customer service that can meet all the varied demographic schedules. It will only suit the expected reputation if their customer support services can also be carried out at any time, 24 hours/7 days – always ready to handle various customer complaints.

After talking about the ability of an online casino to deliver a vast option of games, it is better to talk about the much sought-after. Below are some of them:

Online Slots

The most popular one is slots. This casino product has received a significant update from its predecessors, who use massive and impractical machines. It is unsurprising that all the slots enthusiasts mainly change their gameplay toward this one.

Live Casino

This one is the backbone of the online casino – providing a real-time casino dealer played by real people and houses. Such services will give the players the excitement of playing casino without needing to leave the comfort of their residences.

Sports Betting

For all the members and customers out there who happen to be sports enthusiasts, most online casinos will provide betting services to accommodate them in escorting the victory of their favorite team.

Online Poker

Online poker has some slight differences from one provider/brand to another. Some will include the services within the live casino, but others will keep it in separate categories. Whatever that is, those providers will not compromise the fun of playing it.

Online Lottery

It will ease the number-guessing enthusiasts if such services exist within the lineup. Thus, only some of the biggest and most trusted online casino Singapore provides the online lottery for their members and loyal customers.

Online Fishing Game

This service is also exclusive since only a few online casino providers and brands offer fishing games as a separate category. Most will only put it within the online slots as part of their online slot games.


The last one is E-Sports. With the emergence of the E-Sports industry, gaming fans out there are looking for the most suitable place to put their bet. Hence, day by day, such services are growing and making their way more significant.

Type of Online Casino Bonus and Promotions Available in Singapore

A trusted online casino Singapore must also have an abundant lineup of bonuses and promotions. There are several things which commonly given, as below:

Welcome Bonus

The most popular promotion that can be found in a trusted online casino Singapore is the welcome bonus. It mends for the new members who are just doing their first sign-up with the provider/brand. The scheme and reward amount will be varied, specifically designed based on each online casino. But one thing is for sure, a welcome bonus can only be claimed one time and cannot be redeemed again in the future.

Deposit Bonus

Suit with its name, members can get the bonus by doing a certain amount or some specific kinds of deposit. Mostly, members need to deposit a sum of money according to specific numbers or within some pre-determined time windows. The amount of return can be in the form of cashback or a direct reward to each member’s wallet account.

Daily Bonus

Another popular promotion is the daily bonus. Back then, such reward was not common and could only be found among providers and brands with big names. But since it is gaining popularity and proven to be able to attract many customers, such schemes are going viral – a common practice nowadays. To claim a daily bonus, members usually only need to do regular activities on the platforms, whether depositing, playing a game, or even only signing in.

Birthday Bonus

Then a trusted online casino Singapore will also have a birthday bonus. Yes, this bonus is claimable but only once a year: following the registered birthday of the member. Some providers and brands only give such features to a special customer with specific amounts of loyalty as parts of their membership program. But some others will give it to all of their existing members. Hence, each birthday bonus amount of reward will be so varied.

Daily Rebate

In some cases, the concepts and schemes of the daily rebate are interchangeable with the daily bonus. Some providers will use the term ‘daily bonus’, but others will call it ‘daily rebate’. Whichever it is, of course, their essence is the same: providing rewards in daily capacity.

VIP Program

One of the specific signatures of a trusted online casino Singapore is the existence of a VIP program. As a form of promotion, the VIP will rate the amount of members’ loyalty and rank it to suit the specific degree level of the program. In a standard way, there are various levels: from the lowest to the highest one. To gain the amount of loyalty, many things can be done by the members: deposit a certain amount of money, play a number of games, become members in a particular period, etc.

Referral Bonus

Last but not least is the referral bonus. This one is for old members who already have a lot of playing time: they can recommend their favorite games/products/services/providers/brands to their relatives. By doing this, the members will get bonuses for each new player they can bring to join. If the referral comes from customers to customers’ activity, some providers will generate a referral link. But if it comes from another business to customers (also known as B2C), a trusted online casino in Singapore can get it from a partnership program.

Land-Based Casino vs Online Casino in Singapore

Online betting sites in Singapore work almost like the traditional offline casinos but with a few subtle differences. For instance, unlike offline Singapore casino, these online casino singapore counterparts do not have a dealer to play with because the online casino games such as online slot games are offered in a virtual environment, but they still offer similar gambling experience. The online gambling systems are operated with highly efficient technology and therefore do not need a human dealer to work efficiently. With that being said, live casino games with great bonuses are also available with these casino online.

Another major difference between a trusted online casino Singapore online gambling and their land based casino counterparts is that due to the lack of space and staff limitations, Singapore online casinos provide you online gaming experience with a wider range of great games to immerse yourself in than traditional casinos; unlike some small traditional casino that only offer slot machines and some table games for players. Most of the casinos we review on this site have over 60 different types of game such as slot games, table games, fishing games, card games and even Singapore pools for some to suit your preferences by top game providers akin to Evolution Gaming.

Check Out Reviews & The Latest Information On The Betting Platforms in Singapore

There are many off-shore online betting sites, slots gambling games, e sports, s sports, and online sportsbook Singapore sites where Singaporeans can sign up and play their favourite online slots, roulette wheel, video poker, dealer casino and other gaming platform from the comfort of their homes or even on the go via mobile devices. Besides, these live casino platforms also offer live dealer gaming platforms such as Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, slot machine games as well.

To find the best sites to play that is best suited to your unique needs for online gambling, feel free to check the casino games platform reviewed on this website. We are sure that you will get one with all the features that you are looking for in an online casino in Singapore. If you are searching for an online casino Malaysia websites, you can always click the Malaysia on our menu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To play real money games at a casino in your nation or state of residency, you must be at least 18 years old. You'll need to create an account as well. And if you want to play for real money, you'll have to fund your casino account using one of the approved deposit methods. If the casino has offered you a welcome bonus for signing up, be sure you can match the wagering conditions before claiming it.

Which online casino is best in Singapore?

You can check out our menu and latest article review for the best and trusted online casino sites to justify which one is the most trustworthy, also you can check whether they are licensed or not, for licenses and certificates are mostly displayed on the footer part of the casinos website.

Can I gamble online legally?

If done through an exempt operator, online gambling is lawful. Only Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club have been awarded exemption certificates under the RGA thus far. Other operators, on the other hand, may be awarded exemption certificates in the future.

How long do online casinos take to withdraw money?

When you've completed the bonus offer's wagering requirements. Some casinos have a time restriction that you must meet in order to get your bonus money. Others require you to make many real money deposits before you can withdraw any bonus wins. Before you join up for any bonus offer, read the redemption terms and playthrough criteria to be sure you'll be able to satisfy the requirements.

Will a VPN allow you to gamble online?

There are gambling websites that do not allow VPNs, so you may not be able to gamble online with a VPN. You might be denied access or have your winnings frozen if you do. If you want to gamble online and you're using a VPN on a website that allows them, here's how: Subscribe to a VPN for gambling.