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  • First deposit get USD152; quick withdrawal support
  • Daily cashback up to USD193 for hot games
  • Exclusive Partner of LiveScore; Top 1 Asia Trusty Betting Server
Bonus 92%
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Bring out the best of sports and casino betting with CAT368

Join in the hype at CAT368 and enjoy the best action of sports and casino betting in Vietnam. From slot games to intense sports matches, you can enjoy placing wagers on them here! Don't miss out on the best features at CAT368, so sign up now and take a shot at bigger prizes in each game you bet on this online gambling casino site. 

Here's how you can sign up and join in on the festivities at CAT368: 

  1. Click the register button in the upper right corner.
  2. Create a username that you would want for your account.
  3. Create a password and re-enter it for confirmation.
  4. Enter your first and last name along with your phone number.
  5. If you have any dealer code, you may enter it now.
  6. Read the terms and conditions before you finalise your account registration.

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Check out the top sporting events powered by CAT368

As one of the leading bookmakers in the world, CAT368 takes pride in bringing you the best sports betting options, from the freshest odds to the best markets. Another key appeal of CAT368's sports betting is the best user interface and the most competitive odds you can choose from. The site offers the best experience in betting on the top sports in Vietnam. 

Various sports you can bet on at CAT368

To ensure that you can enjoy a top-notch sports betting experience, CAT368 brings you a lot of rewarding sports to wager on. You should consider online sports betting well by picking the winning sports that can give you a shot at huge prizes. 

Here are some of the top sports you can bet on at CAT368:

  • Football - Football is known as the most popular sport in the world. CAT368 provides market exclusivity for major regional and international events, which include the following leagues:
    • English Premier League
    • La Liga
    • Bundesliga
    • Serie A
  • Race - Race events vary from one another, and they are broadcasted through huge streaming platforms and have different classes along with rewarding prizes for winning players. CAT368 offers the top events from countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, the USA and Saudi Arabia. Here are some of the best races you can bet on:
    • Horse Racing
    • Greyhound Racing
    • Harness Racing
    • Formula 1
    • Motocross Racing
  • Shoot Fish - Shooting fish is one of the unique sports introduced here at CAT368. The fish shooting game has two or more competitors fishing in deep water, and whoever catches the largest fish is declared the winner. Some tournaments of this genre may have players making precise lines rather than the requirement to catch the fish.

CAT368’s sports betting markets you can try

Here at CAT368, you can enjoy various betting markets that can give you many winning chances. Each betting type works differently, but you can maximise them, which can be the key to rewarding prizes.  

Learn how each of them works: 

  • Winner bets - Winner bets are simply making the correct guess on who you think will come out on top of a given game.
  • Over/under - Betting on this market is simple since all you need to do is come up with a guess on the total score and see if it will go over or under the set number you wagered on.
  • Game totals - This market is a good combo with over and under-wagers since this bet concerns the score for a given game. All you need to bet on is the total score combined for two teams. There is also an option for you to wager on the totals on other stats.
  • Handicaps - The odds are levelled between two teams regardless of their standings. The underdogs and favourites are given a handicap or headstart, and the bet wins if the winning teams meet certain conditions.
  • Both teams to score - This market is more of a yes or no bet since all you need to do is bet on whether both teams will score. There is no need to see if they will have multiple goals since you already win, if you guessed it right.

How to read sports betting odds

Betting odds are displayed in different formats but are easy to understand. Reading them is a must to determine which bets are worth wagering. Here are two of the most popular formats you can find here at CAT368:

  • American - American odds are represented using a plus or minus sign. The favourites have a minus sign, while the underdogs have a plus sign and a higher number in value.
  • Decimal - Significant digits set decimal odds in the betting odds. The favourites have a smaller value than usual, while the underdogs are set with bigger values and can be close or far from the favourites' numbers.

Enjoy top-notch casino gaming brought to you by CAT368

Aside from sports betting, CAT368 also brings you the best online casino experience. The site is home to thousands of games, and you can enjoy these titles for a chance to win the handsome prizes you have been looking for.

Here are the top casino games you can play in CAT368

  • Slots - Slot casino online are all games of chance that can get you a quick win. You only need to come up with a spin on each round, which is the best chance to score winning wagers, especially if you get lucky in a game with a high Return to Player percentage (RTP) rate.
  • Table and card games - Table and card games are the most popular ones you can enjoy with an immersive gameplay experience. These online casino titles are diverse and are divided into various categories, so you can get a lot of options to choose from. Here are some of the table and card games you can try:
  • Roulette - Roulette is one of the most popular games you can try. You can wager on where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. Some games even offer bonus spins and other prizes to enhance your betting experience.
  • Blackjack - The game's objective is to win against the dealer by having a hand of a much bigger value. You need to assemble a hand and come up with the right guess if you are going to come up with a bigger hand or bet on the dealer's hand for a win or a tie.
  • Poker - Poker is a game where you have to call either a bet, raise or fold in your wagers. It is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and the goal to win is to have a better hand composed of five cards from a group of players.
  • Live casino games - These are live versions of the various casino games you can find online. From blackjack, baccarat, and poker, casino players can enjoy a lasting experience since it is live-streamed from the studio. There is a professional dealer you can play against while communicating with other players with the chat feature.
  • Lottery - lottery games are a fun casino game to try since they all involve guessing a number for a given game, and all you need to do is to come up with the set of numbers that you think will be selected in the draw.
  • What bonus offers can you use at CAT368?

    CAT368 is generous enough to give you the best bonuses and promotions. You can use them to maximise your winning chances in a casino game or sports betting. The more bonuses at your disposal, the more you can win. Here are the bonuses you can use in betting at CAT368: 

    • Welcome Bonus - CAT368 offers a handsome welcome package that matches your first deposit with a much bigger amount placed straight into your account balance. You can use this money to place your wagers on various games on the sire or even try sports betting. It's a bonus available once per account, so make sure you use it to the fullest.
    • Reload Bonus - The reload bonus works almost the same as the welcome bonus, except that the maximum limit is smaller. This bonus is unique because it is available only once a week and comes with various additions. On top of that, you can make the bonus request in almost an hour.
    • To Return - CAT368's cashback bonus gives you a small portion of your spending at the site's games or sportsbook bookmakers. It's a fraction of your wagers, up to 15% in most cases, and applies to games you place within a specific timeframe.
    • Apart from that, if you are looking for more trusted online casino platforms to grab winning opportunities, stay tuned in for more relevant information.

    Join the VIP programme at CAT368 for amazing rewards!

    Elevate your betting experience by joining the VIP programme at CAT368. All you need to do is to meet certain requirements, such as the minimum deposit, to qualify for a certain level. You can upgrade your membership every three months, and the site will notify you by the next month if you're eligible. Those who bet with a high stake will always get the highest reward.Here are the reasons why you should join CAT368's VIP programme:  

    • VIP perks - CAT368 offers a diverse set of perks you can use as soon as you join the programme. Depending on your level, you will get specific bonuses that will give you a chance to win bigger prizes than any other casino site you know. Here are the perks you can get from being a VIP in CAT368:
      • VIP rewards
      • VIP manager
      • Exclusive casino events
    • VIP levels - CAT368 offers various VIP stages that change depending on how you play casino games or bet on various sporting events. The site's VIP membership is special as it could be with all the exclusive promotions and offers you can get on each level. It's why you should play more and try to win at CAT368.
      • Copper
      • Silver
      • Yellow
      • Platinum
      • Diamond

      Enjoy seamless transactions with CAT368's multiple payment methods

      CAT368 offers a wide array of payment methods accessible to all gamblers in Vietnam. You have the option to use the following fiat and cryptocurrencies: 

      • Vietnamese dong (VND)
      • US dollars (USD) 
      • Euros (EUR)
      • Bitcoin (BTC)
      • Ethereum (ETH) 
      • Tether (USDT)

      Here are the following options you can use in betting at CAT368:


      You can use Fiat currencies to transfer for convenience. Banking methods are linked to your account, allowing you to deposit or withdraw money easily at CAT368. What makes it easier is that you can try various banks on the site for a smoother transaction. CAT368 offers transfers from various platforms such as the following:

      • Vietcombank
      • TechComBank 
      • VietinBank

      Digital Wallet

      This reliable option is an extension you can install on your desktop or phone if you want to extend coin storage. You can also pair your platform with your bank to transfer funds before using it to deposit money into CAT368.

      Frequently asked questions 

      Many users have concerns about playing at CAT368, which is why you should know some of them so you can avoid wasting any more time in your betting experience. Here are some of the most common queries at CAT368:

      Is CAT368 legal?

      CAT368 operates with an official Vietnamese online casino licence. It's to ensure that the site will serve you to the fullest extent.

      How do casino payouts at CAT368 work?

      All the games at CAT368 pay you instantly, and each of the wins you get goes directly to your account balance, allowing you to play using them on your next spin or withdraw them once you've finished playing.

      Where can I play CAT368? 

      Wherever you are in Vietnam, you can always go for CAT368. What makes it even better is that you can play well as long as you have a strong internet connection.

      Enjoy the best sports betting and casino gaming experience at CAT368

      It's why you should consider downloading the latest casino app CAT368. CAT368 gives you the best chance to win and enjoy your wagers. You can access all the sporting events and casino games on Android or iOS. Everything is built to satisfy your needs in playing here at CAT368.