A Complete Guide of Sic Bo: Sic Bo Betting Strategy and Its History

Sic-Bo You will find all various classic casino games on online casino platforms. Sic Bo is a popular game among various classic casino games. The game is based on your luck. A player needs to place chips on the betting box of the casino table. When you have placed a bet, you need to shake the dice. If the dice outcome matches the bet you have placed, you win money. Notably, a player can place bets in different ways. As a result, the game becomes more enjoyable and thrilling. At various online casino Singapore, you will find this game available.

History of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a fascinating casino game with an exciting history. In Ancient Chinese books, games similar to Sic Bo can be found. Thus, historians think that It has originated from China. Chinese combat fighters used to play the game for recreation. At that time, dice were not there. Instead of the dice, people used to play this game with different kinds of objects such as animal bones, stones, shells, etc. Sic Bo was a game played for fun and relaxation by martial art fighters, combat soldiers, etc. Ancient Chinese scriptures do not associate Sic Bo with any betting activities. From China, the game traveled to Western countries. In Europe, people started playing the game with their money. There is also a history behind the name of the game. Initially, the name was not Sic Bo. Chinese combat soldiers used to play Tai Sai. In some places, the game is also named Dai Siu. Even today, the game has different names in different countries. For example, Sic Bo is as popular in Thailand as Hilo. The game rules are identical, but there is a difference in the names. In the Philippines, people call it the High Low Game. Want to play Sic Bo in an online casino Singapore? Follow 4 simple steps below to play this game now !

4 Betting Strategies To Help You Win at Sic Bo

There are various of Sic Bo betting options such as Small and Big Bets, Single Dice Bet, Double and Triple Bets, Two Dice Combination Bets, and other sums bets. For instance, there are only three methods to compute the total of four: 1-1-2, 1-2-1, and 2-1-1. The same may be said with 17. As a result, these amounts offer the highest payouts as well as the highest house edge. Varied amounts of money have different amounts of winning chances.

Set Your Budget

Players need to set their budget first before they play Sic Bo. Since the game depends on your luck, you should not go for a high bet at the beginning. If your luck is favorable on a particular day, you can earn a good amount of money from the game.

Buy Chips

This is a table game, and thus you need to purchase chips for playing the game. For online platforms , you can purchase chips and place them on the table to confirm your bet.

Place the Bet

Sic Bo is a simple game, and thus placing the bet is a hassle-free thing. You just need to place a wager on the available dice combinations on the table. You can place wagers on multiple dice combinations to enhance winning probability. However, it also enhances your risk of losing a larger amount of money.

Roll and Win

The final step is to roll the dice. If the dice combination matches your bet, you will win the money. You can get more information on games and online casinos reviews in Singapore at casinoswikionline and also more information on this game.