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The existence of sports will always be accompanied by the presence of betting. Without betting, a sports competition will undoubtedly lose some of its fun. For this reason, the development of betting is also as fast as the development of sports – as long as there is sports competition, there will also be a betting industry that accompanies them. Betting as a form of entertainment today is in the same industry as gambling. We also understand that there are so many betting enthusiasts out there who are currently often dealing in the online gambling and betting industry. Online sports betting as part of the services provided by online casinos.

In CasinosWikiOnline, we will discuss various ways to choose recommended providers of malaysia sports betting sites. For that, always trust us in providing information and insight related to the gambling and betting industry because we want you to be a great bettor.

The Best Sports Betting Sites in Malaysia

eubet malaysia

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BK8 Casino Malaysia

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ME88 Casino Malaysia

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Maxim88 Casino Malaysia

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  • Exclusive partnership with Evolution Gaming in Asia
  • 8% cash back up to 8,888
  • Monthly lucky draw up to $1,000,000


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96M Casino Malaysia

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288% Welcome Bonus Challenge up to MYR 2,880


  • Weekly rescue bonus up to MYR 10,000
  • Up to 1% unlimited instant cash rebate
  • Accept e-wallets & cryptocurrency


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MD88 Casino Malaysia

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  • 400% Welcome Bonus
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77bet malaysia

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hfive5 malaysia

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Introduction to online sports betting in Malaysia

In terms of online sports betting, it is an activity of guessing the outcome of a match by also staking things as prizes. The bettor (the term used for people who make a bet) needs to wager a certain amount of money or items with similar value as their collateral. Betting has so many popular schemes. The most common is guessing the wins and losses; but there are also others, such as guessing the score; runner-up position or third place; quarter, semi, to final charts; groups, teams, and players lineup; season’s transfers; players’ match, yearly, to seasonal achievements; etc.

These schemes are made possible because of the online features owned by betting services today – they are also the ones that can be found in online sports betting Malaysia or football betting sites. Not only those above, but the betting services provided also allow the existence of different sports with their various types of competitions. This vast library is a standard of practice commonly found in this industry.

There are many kinds of sports that are available, from the mainstream, such as soccer, basketball, American football, baseball, cricket, etc.; to the sidestream ones like hockey, softball, polo, and many more. Not only that, but the various forms of competition that are played are also extensive: annual competitions such as the world cup, continental, intercontinental, or regional; seasonal, such as world leagues; and even pre-season friendly competitions – all of that is a common wager in online betting.

Betting options and availability

If previously it was explained about several schemes, sports, and competitions usually wagered, the next is about the available online sports betting Malaysia providers and brands. To be able to determine which providers and brands to choose, you need to carefully think about some important aspects of online sports betting that must be present. The existence of those can determine whether the provider or brand is worthy of being chosen or should be avoided. It can be a good way of filtering out the right ones from the many available out there.

One of those aspects that need to be addressed is the existence of big names that are already so well known in this industry. As the most easily recognizable online betting, these various providers and brands have been proven to provide their best performance and can be enjoyed by the public. Here we will discuss some of them so you can make recommendations for choosing.


The first is BK8. Although these providers themselves can be said to be new (established in 2021), their performance is pretty superior. Today, they often appear at the top of the best online betting Malaysia in 2022 lists. Under the auspices of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license, they deserve to be placed as the first recommendation.

CMD 368

In second place on this recommendation is CMD368. As a company that focuses their business on providing bookmaking at the international level, they offer an excellent betting service: there are more than 2000 matches that they wagered on every week. Collaborating with former famous football athletes, i.e. Robert Pires as their current brand ambassador, CMD 358 has proven their quality.


As a third recommendation, there is AceWin8, with its online sports betting Malaysia platform. Better known by its short name: AW8, this brand is already so widespread and has quite a significant fanbase. Many other providers also widely adapted their platforms as one of the best options. As one of the original Malaysian providers, until now, their services have spread to various countries throughout Southeast Asia with different language support variants such as Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese, and Thai.


The fourth is M8. As exceptionally qualified providers in this industry, they have a fairly extensive portfolio and experience: starting their business in 2007. Instead of creating their own products, they are better known as providers that provide betting services based on platforms from various other brands. As one of the included online betting in this list, M8 has been certified by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority.


And the fifth and last place, there is UEA8 as the closing. Although UEA8 has not only signed themselves in the online betting industry, their big name is not something that can be underestimated. Yes, they are better known as a world-renowned online casino – one of the services they provide is sports betting. Until now, they are one of the brands we often recommend for their services.

What are popular sports to bet on in Malaysia?

There are many kinds of sports that are very popular in Malaysia. As has also been explained, this popular sport is also known as the mainstream: the sport with the highest level of engagement, and most people bet on it. This information is important since betting providers and brands out there will prioritize sports like this over others. Thus, by knowing these, bettors will be able to customize and adapt the type of sport they wish to wager on.

Some of the sports that are mainstream in the online sports betting market in Malaysia are as follows:

  • Football
  • Badminton
  • Takraw
  • Rugby
  • Motorsport (MotoGP, F1 GP, etc.)

The various sports above are favored by Malaysian enthusiasts, seeing that some are traditional Asian sports and many home athletes have won the competitions. So for these mainstream sports, their various competitions and events will likely be offered by the providers and brands out there, considering the high customer interest.

How do we choose the best online betting sites in Malaysia?

To be able to choose the best online betting sites in Malaysia, of course, it is necessary to look at several important aspects that can be used as indicators. By ensuring their existence, we believe that betting enthusiasts will be able to determine whether the provider or brand is worthy of being chosen or should be avoided.

So because at CasinosWikiOnline we want you to be more cautious and thorough in choosing the best betting providers and brands, here we present some indicators you must consider before deciding to register:

License & security

What should always come first is the existence of a license as a benchmark in measuring security. The best online betting Malaysia will always be licensed and certified by many notorious gambling commissions. You can check its existence through the presence of the commissions’ logos on each provider’s and brand’s portals.

User-friendly experience

A qualified playing experience is undoubtedly important and deserves to be the next point. Its existence shows that the provider or brand prioritizes their customer conveniences as the primary point of their provided services.

Mobile Compatibility/Mobile Betting

Of course, the mobile trend is a must in this modern era. With the development of more capable smart device technology, mobile features have made it possible to do anything – including online betting using mobile apps based on Android or iOS with a mobile device.

User Interface

Not only is it enough to have user-friendly characteristics, but the betting services must also have an attractive user interface and not easily let customers get bored. It is a key feature that, even though it seems trivial, is quite significant: letting the customers comfortably stay in front of their screens for hours.

Customer Support

Many people are finally disappointed and reluctant to use the services of online betting Malaysia just because of the existence of unprofessional customer service. The presence of technical problems certainly cannot be avoided by customers. That is why customer support is so vital to help them deal with these obstacles.

Payment Method

And the last indicator is the existence of a straightforward transaction method. In this modern era, commerce activities have all changed in a more modern direction with digital media and electronic methods. There are many to choose from, but their goal is only one: to make it easier for customers to transact. Such a spirit also needs to be supported by the best providers and brands through the presence of full support using all available methods.

Sign up for offers on Malaysian Sport Betting sites!

If at this point you are already getting interested, there must be several steps for you to get started. But do not worry, these various steps will be very simple – you can do it in no time! It will be so simple, there are only three steps needed:

  1. Register and login

What you need to do first is to visit the portal of the provider or brand of your choice. There, you can start registering by following the provided instructions – some basic and personal information may be needed. When it is finished, and the account has been successfully created, all you need to do next is log in.

  1. Deposit

To be able to start playing, you need to make a deposit as your currency – either with the one you usually use or foreign exchange rates such as SGD, USD, etc. Some providers even support crypto-based transactions.

  1. Bet and win!

After your transaction is successful and entered into your account balance shown on the screen, you can immediately choose the available online sports betting Malaysia services and support your favorite team! Besides, if you encounter defeat, many providers and brands out there offer various cashbacks and bonuses that make your losses still taste delightful!

How to make a deposit at a sportsbook in Malaysia

After we discuss how to register, we will also brief you about making a deposit. If the provider or brand you choose is a prominent online betting Malaysia, one of their advantages is the existence of various forms of modern transactions. To find out what forms of transactions you can choose, you can do it by visiting the provider or brand portal and logging in. You just need to follow the directions that have been provided to make a deposit through the various transaction options they support. From there, you just have to choose your preferred transaction method. 

Most people will choose to transact using banking transfer, either mobile or ATM; some prefer to use various third-party cashless apps; but those who prefer to be “incognito”, will choose to make transactions based on cryptocurrency. Whatever option you choose, all of them will make it easier for you to bet on your favorite sports team!

Sports betting tips

It would be incomplete if we at CasinosWikiOnline did not provide accurate tips and tricks for online betting. That is why here we present some of them which we believe will be useful for you.

Understand the scheme

Each sport has a different competition scheme, which will significantly influence betting trends. By understanding the competition scheme, you can minimize the risk of the wrong choices.

Follow the climate and ecosystem development

Every sporting competition, especially seasonal ones such as leagues, has a specific climate and ecosystem. Things such as standings, the lineup of players, etc., will certainly be able to describe the performance of each team. It can be used to determine the best options.

Find information about match settings

It is an open secret that there are many sports events out there whose pace will be controlled by the big betting providers. Some of them are even matches in big and world-famous leagues. If you can get accurate information about this, of course, it can be a gateway to victory!

Conclusion on online sports betting in Malaysia

And that is the discussion in this CasinosWikiOnline article entitled “CasinosWikiOnline – Top Quality Online Sports Betting Sites In Malaysia”. From the discussion, it can be concluded that it is necessary for you to have a lot of insight and information to maximize the benefits of online betting Malaysia services. Betting is a form of gambling in which you can fully control the activities: if you do it right, you can get a lot of returns! That is why make sure to understand the scheme well.

For this reason, we at CasinosWikiOnline will always continue to provide factual and actual information about the various services of this industry: sports betting is one of them. We want you to be able to optimize your gambling and betting because your win is ours too! We are the best online casino Malaysia review sites in Asia – CasinosWikiOnline.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Betting

Are sports betting legal in Malaysia?

Some of them are legal and trustworthy. You can ensure legality through the existence of certifications and licenses owned by online betting providers and brands on their provided portals.

How can I bet on online sportsbook in Malaysia?

To be able to place a bet, there are three easy ways: 

(1) you register on the selected provider’s or brand’s portal;

(2) you deposit through the available transaction methods; 

(3) if the balance has been entered into your account, you can immediately place the bet and win!

Can I live betting from Malaysia?

Yes, you can do this through various providers and brands that offer online betting services. Some of them include EU9, BK8, CMD368, AW8, M8, and UAE8. 

How can I play online sports betting?

You can do this after you have completed the process of registering an account and making a deposit and withdrawals as well. If you have done both steps, you can choose a football bet on the sports betting service provided by the online betting Malaysia of your choice.