Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Casino Overview


About Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Singapore

We are CasinosWikiOnline, Asia’s most prominent review website regarding the online gaming and betting providers in Singapore and Malaysia. We understand that many people nowadays try to find the best place to entrust their entertainment affairs. Some of the things that become obstacles are not too far from basic problems, such as finding a trusted and professional gaming provider. In particular, this problem is experienced by many enthusiasts of the entertainment industry in the Southeast Asian market, to be precise. So the most appropriate solution to these problems is, undoubtedly, the one and only Marina Bay Sands Casino.

Who does not know this entertainment colossus? Also known as MBS Casino, it is the largest and most famous land-based casino in Singapore region – it is one of the largest in Asia in particular and the world in general. MBS Casino have also become the crown jewel of their country’s business and tourism sector, Southeast Asia’s entertainment capital, Singapore. They do this by prioritizing world-class quality and making it an aces standard for the region.

Discussing one of these conventional land-based casinos would be interesting. Seeing its popularity and success as one of the most popular landmarks in Southeast Asia, this casino will certainly have many interesting products and services. All of that will be explained in the discussion of this article entitled “Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Casino Overview” below.

Available Games on Singapore Marina Bay Sands Casino

Being an entertainment provider with a name and reputation as big as Marina Bay Sands Casino, this resort will surely have plenty of entertainment options. Of course, one of the main attractions that are their main signature is the existence of various types of games available at their land-based casino. Regarding the available games, the resort classify their games into slot games, electronic table games, and table games. Judging from the numbers, there are more than 2300 slot machines and 600 game tables spread over four entertainment floors provided.

Table Games

As stated above, one of the game categories owned by the resort is table games. Like most conventional casinos, those prioritizing land-based modes will focus more on such table games. The games are the “traditional” inherited from the early era of casino development. Some of ‘em include the commons such as blackjack, baccarat, poker, and roulette. Still, other unique games such as sic bo, pontoon pandemonium, and craps also exist.

Slot Games

And the next signature is slot games. Games synonymous with the existence of casinos today can also be found at the Marina Bay Sands Resort. When viewed from the available machines, there are several choices that slot lovers customers can enjoy, including Cash Cove, Duo Fu Duo Cai, Da Fu Da Gui, Lightning Link, Ocean Magic, Scarab, etc. MBS Casino is also actively updating their slot games, one of which is also coming, such as Cash Cove Fish On.

Electronic Table Games

Also, one of their new attractions is Electronic Table Games or also known as ETG. Basically, this game is a digital version of some of the old table games. With the introduction of touchscreen technology and other cyber platforms within the gaming industry, today’s casino entertainment providers have embedded many of these games in their services and products to minimize things considered irrelevant. Some games are provided by MBS: Shufflemaster Rapid, Alfrastreet, and Aruze Lucky SICBO.

More Interesting Games...

The ones mentioned above are a small part of the casino Marina Bay Sands’ games. Customers who are curious and need more information about the various available games can visit the official website of Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino.

Marina Bay Sands Casino Membership

Like most other casino brands and providers, MBS also provides a membership program for its loyal customers. It is not only limited to the people of Singapore but can be accessed by anyone with any background. There are several tiers that members can later take. The higher the tier membership they have, the more benefits and premium services they can enjoy. Here are the tiers:

  • Sands Premier

The lowest level is Sands Premier. The benefits and services that members can enjoy are also minimal: the amount of Sands Dollars per Sands point earned USD 1, free transaction fees in the MBS area, getting self-parking privileges rates of a maximum of USD 4, special channels on personalized web pages, various offers, and event invitations, as well as discounts and promotions on various venues at the MBS resort.

  • Sands Gold

The second level is Sands Gold. Apart from getting all the benefits of Sands Premier, other services that members can enjoy have also increased: the amount of Sands Dollars per Sands point earned USD 1.5, a special discount of 15% Flexible Rate room upgrade, and get a special offer on member’s birthday month based on card tier.

  • Sands Platinum

The next level is Sands Platinum. Apart from getting all the benefits of Sands Premier and Gold, other services that can be enjoyed by members such as the amount of Sands Dollars per Sands point earned are USD 1.75, getting access to the Ruby Room, special discounts for room upgrades at Flexible Rates of 20 %, and getting self-parking privileges for free.

  • Sands Diamond

The second-highest level is Sands Diamond. Apart from getting all the benefits of Sands Premier, Gold, and Platinum, other services that can be enjoyed for the members of this level are the amount of Sands Dollars per Sands point earned is USD 2, free of administration fees for exchanging Sands Dollars at participating outlets outside the MBS area, free room upgrade upon check-in, priority check-in and late check-out, special discount on 25% Flexible Rate room upgrade, as well as an exclusive self-parking lot for one car.

  • Piaza Gold

The highest level of membership is Paiza Gold. Apart from getting all the benefits of the membership level mentioned earlier, services that can be enjoyed by members with this level, such as the amount of Sands Dollars per Sands point earned is USD 2.25, free access to all services and products in the Ruby Room, access to the exclusive VIP area in Paiza for members and guests for two, free dining at the Paiza buffet or from the food & beverage menu, exclusive access to private Paiza check-in/check-out facilities, special Paiza room rates for friends and family, discounts Paiza Special Rates for room upgrades Flexible Rates, VIP luxury vehicle pick-up service at the airport for international members, additional vehicles at special VIP rates, free valet parking at Marina Bay Sands and an exclusive two-car self-parking lot.

Ways to Earn Points at Marina Bay Sands Casino

Members must first join the Sands Reward Club program to earn points. Members can “grind” to increase their membership level as described above. It can give two things: Sands Points and Sands Dollars. For more details, the scheme can be seen in the following table.

Tiers Sands Premier Sands Gold Sands Platinum Sands Diamond Paiza Gold
Required Sands Points FREE 68 388 1288 3888
Sands Dollar to USD $1 $1.50 $1.75 $2 $2.25

Members must first join the Sands Reward Club program to earn points. Members can “grind” to increase their membership level as described above. It can give two things: Sands Points and Sands Dollars. For more details, the scheme can be seen in the following table.

Frequently Asked Questions About MBS Casino

Is MBS casino open?

With the exception of MARQUEE nightclub, Marina Bay Sands is completely operational. The Integrated Resort (IR) is relaxing restrictions around the site.

Can I wear slipper to MBS casino?

Smart casual attire is needed in our Casino, and we would appreciate it if patrons dressed correctly. Beach clothing, including flip flops, slippers, casual short pants, and sleeveless shirts, is not permitted for any of our guests.

Can you smoke in MBS casino?

Smoking is permitted in the Casino. The casino has a non-smoking area. If I'm not mistaken, the smoking area inside the casino is greater than the non-smoking area. Smoking is not permitted inside restaurants or cafes.

Does MBS have a casino?

The opulent 15,000-square-meter casino houses 500 gaming tables, 1,600 slot machines (dubbed "jackpot machines" by locals), and more than 30 private gaming rooms. According to the casino, "Marina Bay Sands offers a huge assortment of the world's newest and most popular electronic gaming machines.

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