Things to know about Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow

Pai Gow Poker has been gaining immense popularity. However, it's different from most of the other poker games in many ways. Each of the players attempts to defeat the bank and not each other. Learning ways by which Pai Gow poker isn’t that difficult. And we shall share with you all of the details right here. With the information that we provide on this page all of the online casinos Singapore will quickly learn the ways by which they can enjoy the game to the fullest. This will make sure that you start playing the game as soon as you complete reading this blog!

Although we always recommend that whenever you go ahead with playing a new online casino game, you go for the free demo and only play with real cash when you like it. Once you understand how to play this game you will be a lot more confident in switching to the mode for playing with real money.  This is mainly because of the free version that's developed identically.

And there's another secret by which you will learn these games a lot faster, get the game on your phone downloaded and start playing along as you read. You will get the feel in real-time of this famous game. Let's begin!

How to Play Pai Gow Poker?

The very first thing that needs to be done before you start learning the game is understanding that it is also sometimes called double-handed poker. The dealer and you both get dealt with seven cards. The card ranking and the hands remain identical with traditional poker. But this is all where the similarity ends.

From this point itself, you need to divide the cards into separate two hands. One will have five cards and the other hand has left two. As the dealer's cards have been face-down, you will not have information on what exactly is against you.

But when you know how to play the game, you will be having the opportunity of shifting the cards around and making the best score possible.

The complete idea of such kinds of poker games is making two best possible hands, the one rule being that both of the two-card hands will not be able to beat the hand with five-card. This is also the place where the area of 'second highest' and 'highest' comes into play.

Generally, the hands are named as back and front hands, back being the one with five cards and is set much closer to you and behind your second highest.

Another aspect of the game that you should be aware of while learning about Singapore's famous Pai Gow poker game is that you just get one opportunity to place your bet. There is also no better opportunity for your hand when the cards get arranged in the back and front hands.

When you have been trying to learn the game online, the best part is that you will learn quickly how the varied controls of the game operate.

  • For starting a new game you have to tap on the ‘new game’ button.

  • Then you will be shown with the 'Deal' button where you are supposed to place the bet.

  • When you tap bet you just have to add the chip amount over the table.

Just that! It’s that simple of a process. As you will be placing just one bet, similar to other poker games like Blackjack, understanding the game gets fairly easy. The maximum limit for most per hand Pai Gow games is usually around $300.

Pai Gow Poker and Joker’s worth

If you didn’t know yet, Yes!

The joker gets included in the Pai Gow Poker deck. In case you dealt a joker, one can make use in the following three different ways:

  • Can be used as any card for completing a straight.

  • Can be used as a suit for completing a flush.

  • It can be used for either of the above; the joker always stays to be the ace.

So keep in mind that in two-card hands, the joker stays to be an ace always!

Interesting tips for Pai Gow Poker

Here are some of the interesting strategies and tips that you can try. This will make your winning chances much better with both low and high hands.

  • In case you had dealt with the single pair, you should be placing it over the high hand with five cards. You will be then looking forward to the next highest card and then putting them over the top as low hand.

  • If you will be lucky enough, that you are dealt with a hand that's capable of making a full house, that means three of one kind with two pairs, you should put a higher pair on top and make use of the smaller pair in a full house at the back.

  • When you are dealt with the hand that consists of either a flush or straight and two pairs, it will be better that you break up that flush or straight and split pairs between the low and high hands.

  • When you have dealt with a full house, you will need to improve the winning odds by making sure it breaks up. You can put three of the same kind in the high hand with five cards and pair the low hand with two cards.

Keep much closer attention over all of the seven cards for determining the best ways in which this works together and gets effectively split as well.

Final Thoughts

It can take some more time in understanding and absorbing all of the fundamentals

of Pai Gow Poker. But once you do that the game is straightforward and fun. This doesn't need much deeper strategic thinking and is still able to prove to be challenging enough for making sure you are entertained and engaged throughout. Additionally, the provided frequent pushes that you get to make sure that you have some extra playtime that you see with Blackjack.