Top 10 Casino Bonus You Can Get In Casino Singapore

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Online Casino Singapore are gaining popularity these days. Instead of visiting the casinos physically, people find more comfort with an online platform. There are many reasons behind the success of virtual casino platforms. Among those reasons, a small investment in bets and attractive bonus points are the most crucial things. If you are interested in online betting games, you need to know two things. First of all, you should learn game rules properly. The second most important thing is to understand the bonus points. An online gambling platform offers arrays of bonus points.

In the following section, get familiar with different bonus points offered at virtual casinos.

Welcome Casino Bonus

When you visit a casino physically, you do not get any welcome bonus. You have to play the games at your expense and financial risks. But, in a virtual casino like onlinecasinoswiki, you will get a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is offered to encourage the users to try some online games for free. The welcome bonus is available in the following two forms:

Sign-up Casino Bonus

When you join an online betting platform, you will get a bonus amount credited to your account. Many online platforms offer bonuses on creating an account. You can use this initial bonus to play a few casino games. However, users cannot withdraw the sign-up bonus. It is virtual cash offered to the users, and you can play games to increase the money in your account.

First Deposit Bonus

Not all platforms offer bonus points on sign-up. Many rather provide a bonus on the first deposit. Depending on the amount you deposit, you will receive a bonus point. The amount you deposit can be withdrawn at any moment. But, you cannot withdraw the bonus money that you have earned through your first deposit. The first deposit bonus at Singapore casinos varies from 50-500%.

Fixed-Rate Casino Bonus

Another popular online casino bonus is a fixed rate bonus. Like the welcome bonus, the fixed-rate bonus also encourages the users to participate in various casino games and earn money. The user has to deposit a minimum amount, and he will receive a fixed rate bonus. For example, depositing anything between $10-30 will fetch a fixed rate bonus of $50. Depositing anything between $40-70 will fetch a $100 fixed rate bonus. The actual fixed rate bonus varies from one Singapore casino to another casino platform.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

The no deposit bonus has also become popular among online gamblers, along with the sign-up bonus. No deposit bonus also intends to encourage the players to play casino games and deposit money. Many users remain silent or inactive after creating an account on a virtual casino platform. Thus, casino platforms want to encourage such users to invest money and play games. As an encouragement, the casinos offer a small bonus amount termed as a no deposit bonus. Typically, a no deposit bonus amount varies from $5 to $10.

Payment Method Casino Bonus

Many platforms offer various payment gateways. Users can use digital wallets, debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and other payment mediums. For using a particular payment gateway, you can receive a cash-back offer. Sometimes, the casino platform promotes a payment gateway. If you use the promoted gateway for depositing your money, you will receive a handsome bonus from the casino. Payment method bonus is occasionally found. You will not find such bonuses constantly with the virtual casinos.

Deposit Casino Bonus

While you get a bonus on a first deposit, you can also get bonuses on the other deposits. Online gambling platforms occasionally offer special bonuses on deposits. If you have not deposited money for a long time, you can also obtain an exclusive deposit bonus deal from a virtual casino. Getting such a deal depends on luck. There is no guarantee that you will obtain such an offer. Moreover, such offers come with a short period of validity. Users may get only 2-3 days to deposit money and obtain the exclusive deposit bonus.

High Roller Casino Bonus

There is another type of casino bonus, and it is known as the high roller casino bonus. If you are an active participant in a casino platform, you may grab such a bonus deal. Players who use to deposit a high amount of money frequently can find such deals from the casinos as encouragement. Notably, a high roller bonus is not always a financial bonus. Sometimes, you can get tickets to sporting events, holiday packages, and other types of bonuses.

Refer to a Friend

All online betting platforms come with a referral bonus. You can refer a casino platform to a friend. You will get a bonus when the friend joins the casino through your referral link. Referral bonus is a popular thing, as it is lucrative. At the same time, the bonus comes without any deposits. You have to convince a friend to join a casino platform, and a bonus amount will be a credit to your account.

Over time, many of these casinos have noticed that people create secondary email accounts and grab the referral bonus. Such accounts stay inactive. For this reason, terms and conditions for the referral bonus have evolved. Now, you will get a bonus once the referred person makes the first deposit. Sometimes, you can get a bonus depending on the deposited amount. If your referred friend deposits a large amount, you will get a handsome bonus.

Free Spins

While playing online casino games, you will get different types of bonus points. Not all bonus points come with financial rewards. You may also get free spins. Spinning the wheels for free will fetch you a bonus to your account. If you play video slots, you can collect many free spins.

Final Words

Finally, it needs to be stated that these online platforms have many bonuses to offer to users. If you can make good use of the bonus, you will earn more money this way. For more information on the online casinos in Singapore, you can visit casinoswikionline.