What Is CRAPS for a Casino? Know the Game Rules

craps Casino Craps, also known as Bank Craps, is a popular casino game that you can find on online betting platforms. In Singapore and other parts of the world, the game is a popular dice game. If you visit a local casino, you will hear yelling and shouting around a Craps table. At the online casino platform, you will get the same level of excitement while playing the game. In this purpose-built table game, two dice have been used. The game begins with the Shooter. Different players and persons involved in the game have different names. In the following section, you will find more details on this online casino game.

Know the Craps Table Personnel

One should know the Craps table personnel before playing the game. For different persons on the table, different terms have been used. So, it is important to understand the meaning of those terms. In Casino Craps, the commonest persons are dealers, stickman, and boxperson.


A boxman is the person in charge of the Craps table. The person will supervise the entire game. If there is a dispute between players and dealers, the boxman will resolve the dispute.


At Casino Craps, you will find different types of dealers. The dealer on the right side of the boxman is the 2nd Base Dealer. On the other hand, the dealer on the left side of the boxman is a 3rd Base Dealer.


The boxman is also a dealer, and he will move the dice with a long-hooked stick. Stickperson will be found at the opposite of the boxman on a Craps table.

How to Play Craps?

One can play Craps at the online casino Singapore. Casino Craps is a popular game, and thus many online gambling platforms offer the game to users. The gamers have to follow a few steps to play the game. Find those steps in the following section. In this game, you will find two dice. Rolling the dice will give a number, which you need to predict for winning bets. The person who rolls the dice at the Craps table is called Shooter. While rolling the dice, you will get “Pucks,” referring to the point of the game. Before the seven rolls, a shooter tries to score the pucks. When you score a point, the puck will get turned off. Now, Shooter should shoot again. Such dice rolls are called Come Out Rolls.

Different Types of Bets

With Craps, you will notice different kinds of bets. Knowing the meaning of the bets is important before placing a bet. So, find the meaning of different bets below.

Pass Line Bet 

The fundamental bet of the game is Pass Line Bet, and the bet helps shooters win their point numbers.

Don’t Pass Line Bet

As the name suggests, this bet is opposite to the Pass Line Bet. Shooters do not win their point numbers through this bet.

Come Bet 

Come Bet is played in two rounds. Apart from this, the bet is similar to the Pass Line Bet. So, these are some of the crucial things to know before playing Casino Craps. To know more, check out other content on casinoswikionline.