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Can You Cheat at an Online Casino Singapore?

Back to the casinos’ website review and recommendation of CasinosWikiOnline. Before, we have discussed some reasons to choose the best online casino Singapore, the pros and cons of delivering the most trusted one, and some providers and brands that need to be picked and avoided. Then, in today’s discussions, we will talk about some worth noting tips for every player and online betting enthusiast out there – it will be so interesting to discuss them.

Yeah, we are talking about the chance for online gambling and betting players to cheat and find shortcuts to gain more profits. Is it possible? Do such kinds of things exist within this industry? Then, to answer those questions in detail, we will talk more about them within the existing notions. To give you all a better understanding of this, we will separate the discussions into parts: the nature of cheating in the gambling industry; the kinds of what we called as cheating in online casino Singapore; and the verdict.

What is Cheating ?

Indeed, all people already know what exactly cheating is. In fact, that is the very nature of humans that if there is a chance to do something more easily and profitably, they will take it right away. That is the very basic of cheating: doing some things which are considered shortcuts to achieving things more efficiently, regardless of whether it is illegal or not. Thus, in many cases, cheating will be considered illegal or fall in the “grey area” between legal and illegal – it will be so unlikely that the term of cheating is done within the legal condition.

Then the next thing matter will be: the cheating concept within the online betting and gambling industry. Maybe many people are wondering, “How do you cheat in gambling?”. If we stretch it back to the beginning of the gambling industry, which started in the 17th century, the term cheating will likely be done manually as an effort of what is called ‘sleight of hand’. At that particular time, most of the gambling games were in the form of card or table games. Thus, such a trick will help the cheater to accomplish their purpose – letting them win easily by manually manipulating the game.

Then, at the end of the 19th century, the use of mechanical machinery changed the course of the gambling industry into a new kind of dawn: the existence of slot machines enriched the variants of gambling products and services. By that time, the existing system of slot machines was done in a very simple way. Thus the term cheating in the gambling industry was shifted into a broader context, i.e., the advancement of slot machine tinkering. Because of that, slot machines were further designed to be more sophisticated and cannot be breached easily.

Then the course of cheating, once again broadened by the ongoing progress of the gambling industry that is progressing its course to the cyber age. The use of digital platforms such as desktop (computer programs and the internet) and mobile (Android and iOS) commencing a more contemporary era, also known as online gambling. The form of online gambling cheating is also going to be so different and more complex. To understand more about it, we will go to the next part of the discussion, which will elaborate on it in more detail.

Cheating in Online Gambling

With the sophisticated nature of digital technology, the term cheating will be more complex and challenging to be done. From the very beginning of their existence, cheating in gambling also needs to be done through years of training and mastery by very talented people. Thus, cheating nowadays would not be so different. It is not so surprising that, on its basis, cheating is an effort to take advantage of the points of weakness and negligence of a system.

There are various levels of cheating in online gambling. It is spread from the ‘outmost’ layer, which only abuses the available advantages; to the ‘innermost’ one, which is literary considered stealing and can be punished as a criminal act. Those are detailed below:

  • Abusing advantages. The lowest form of cheating is called ‘abusing advantages’. One of the forms is exploiting the available bonuses and promotions from online betting providers and brands. For example, the existence of a welcome bonus is a common practice and easily be found in many providers and brands. By abusing this as an advantage, one may make many new accounts so they can always claim the welcome bonus again and again.
  • Bugging. The next one is bugging. Bugging means the activities of exploiting any bug (existing error or anomalies) within a system for their own profit and personal gain. To understand such a scheme, cheaters must understand the online gaming system carefully. When they see a flaw within the system, they will exploit it. Some bugs only last temporarily, but others will last longer since they are not that easy to be detected.
  • Hacking and cracking. The last, and the highest form of cheating, is hacking. Both are done by breaking the existing online gambling system, which suits the cheaters’ advantages. Hacking and cracking can alter the nature of the system to the point where the cheaters can fully control it. Thus, such activities are very difficult to be done and may lead to severe criminal punishment.


And that is the discussion of the article entitled “CasinosWikiOnline – Can You Cheat at an Online Casino Singapore?” This discussion does not intend to recommend players and online gambling enthusiasts to do this practice. It is just a reminder that many irresponsible parties out there can potentially disrupt the fair play atmosphere and eliminate the fun of playing. Therefore, it is necessary to be even more careful because such activity does harm everyone. Stay tuned for our other discussion in the next articles. We will always share some useful information and recommendations regarding online gambling. Because only we are the best – CasinosWikiOnline.