Everything You Need to Know about Casino

Everything You Need to Know about Casino

The casino culture has become a part of the society since the 17th century. With the advent of time, casinos have become more exotic and exciting places. It is a misconception that people addicted to gambling visit the casinos only. Many people visit casinos to experience the atmosphere inside a casino. At the same time, many people love to try their luck once in a while. Traditional casinos offer many kinds of games, and winning those games can make you rich overnight.

History of Casinos

The casino culture started in Europe, and it gradually traveled to Asia, America, and other parts of the world. Today, many US cities are known for offering exciting casinos. At the same time, a few Asian cities have also become destinations for global casino lovers. The journey of casinos started on the 17th in Europe. According to historians, the first-ever casino was established in Venice, Italy. However, the first casino had a limited number of games to offer to visitors. With the advent of time, new and exciting gambling games were added to the casinos. Historians say most casino games came from the armed forces in Europe during the First and Second World Wars. Army professionals used to play different kinds of card games. Many of those card games became famous casino games later.

What was the First Casino?

As stated above, the first casino was established in Venice, Italy. In 1638, the first casino was established when the Great Council of Venice gave legitimacy to gambling during a festive season. Though permission was given for a short period, people loved the idea of a casino. Therefore, Italy gradually moved on to legalize gambling in casinos. From Italy, the casino culture started spreading in different parts of Europe. In America, gambling establishments were initially known as saloons. Typically, saloons are used to serve drinks, food, and gambling setup to the guests. In Mexico, the saloon culture was popular. From Mexico, it came to Texas and other parts of the USA. In Singapore, the first casino came into being in 2010. In the same year, another new casino was also opened in Singapore. The first casino in Singapore, known as Casino Resorts World Sentosa, was inaugurated in February 2010. On the other hand, Casino Marina Bay Sands, the second casino of Singapore, became operational in April 2010.

How Long has Gambling been Around?

Gambling has been associated with the lifestyle of humans for a long time. According to the Ancient Chinese Book, known as the Book of Songs, people played lottery-like games in the ancient era. Playing cards made their first appearance in the world in the 19th century. According to historians, the card game was popular in China, and it started spreading around the world with Chinese people. While the world hails China for gifting the cards games, Ancient Greek civilization should take the credit for innovating the dice-rolling games. However, some historians also say that Egyptians started using dice before the Greeks. People in ancient Greece used to gamble with dice-rolling games. In Rome, dice remained banned items for a long time. Keeping people away from gambling was the reason to ban dice in ancient Rome. In Singapore, gambling is not a recent thing. However, the city legalized gambling in 2006. Under the Ministry of Finance, a Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) was established. Today, gambling is legal in Singapore. Casinos have to operate according to the regulations of the state. Nevertheless, they must procure a license from the government to run their establishments.

What is the Oldest Gambling Game?

Casinos have adopted many games for gambling enthusiasts. Some of those games used to exist even before casinos came into existence. Find a list of the oldest casino games in the following section.


Nowadays, Craps is one of the most popular casino games. According to historians, this is one of the oldest casino games. Even after being played for many years, the game has not lost its charm. Soldiers used to play the game during the Crusades. But, the name of the game was different for the beginner. The name of the game became Craps from France. In the 19th Century, Craps came to the USA casinos and underwent a few changes to the rules. Nowadays, people play Craps according to the US casino rules.


As a casino game, Blackjack does not need an introduction. According to experts, the game is an invention of the 17th century. Some people also believe that Blackjack is an upgraded version of the ancient card game known as Twenty-One. In the 20th century, Blackjack became popular in American casinos. As a result, the rules of the game have been Americanized to a large extent. Today, people play the same according to the American rules in most casinos.


In the 18th century, Roulette became a popular gambling game in France. Roulette, a French word, means wheel. The game consists of a wheel with many rooms. The wheel will start rotating, and a ball on the wheel will decide your fate. You will get a reward according to the position of the ball on the wheel. Roulette has become different parts of Europe, and thus it underwent many changes in the rules. Along with French Roulette, you can find Spanish Roulette is equally famous.


Another popular and ancient casino game is poker. The game was invented when commercial gambling was in full swing in Europe. In England, Poker became a famous gambling game in the 19th century. Poker has many versions today, and you can find multiple versions of Poker in Singapore casinos.

Who Invented Blackjack?

The origin of Blackjack is a matter of debate between many historians. Some people believe that the game is a Roman invention. On the other hand, few historians opine that Blackjack is an upgraded version of Twenty-One's French card game. So, the exact inventor of Blackjack is still unknown.

Bottom Line

Along with conventional casinos, online casinos have become popular these days. You can play all classic casino games on online platforms. Nevertheless, the online betting platforms offer arrays of innovative and unique games. Know more about them and various casino games at casinoswikionline.