Legal Online Casinos in Singapore

Is Online Casinos Legal in Singapore?

CasinosWikiOnline – The growth of online casino Singapore has reached its peak today. With the increasing trend of working from home, various other forms have also emerged: of which ‘leisure from home’ or LFH is one of them. It becomes possible with the support of various aspects of the industry with its 4.0 concept – it also affects the online casino gaming industry. That is why many people nowadays prefer to entertain themselves through a more modern casino.

The market also sees this as a great momentum and a chance that cannot be missed. So many providers and brands have sprung up out there trying to produce their own services and products. This step is not only an effort to dominate the modern real money casino industry but also to make the online casino trend superior to other competitors in the entertainment world. Indeed, seeing this relatively new phenomenon, many questions also accompany its emergence.

That is why we at CasinosWikiOnline are interested in discussing this in more detail, i.e., to answer such occurring questions. Based on our measure as one of the most prominent review websites for online casinos in Asia, we believe that such topics are worth discussing. The discussion will be divided into three parts: the existence of the online casino Singapore; online (modern) vs. land-based (traditional) casinos; and the verdict. Those will be explained within the article entitled “CasinosWikiOnline – Is Online Casinos Legal in Singapore?”.

Do Online Casinos Exist in Singapore?

No need to question anymore: it is obvious that an online casino is indeed available in Singapore. It is reassuring since many people have already known about the fact that Singapore is the capital of Southeast Asia’s gambling industry. Before the rise of more modern trends like today, various resorts there allowed players and enthusiasts to experience the excitement of playing casinos. Thus, it is not surprising that Singapore is also the very first country in that region to embrace online practice within the casino industry.

Not only does it exist, but this online casino is also very lively and increasing in quantity on the market. Players and enthusiasts will find them easily: making existing access very available and diverse. So it is reasonable that the existing market developments are rapid. Also, this condition will create a fine competitive market atmosphere to provide the best services and products for the customers.

Just mention some of the big names that have successfully penetrated the Singapore online casino market: Evolution Games, Pragmatic Play, Spadegaming, Nextspin, Play’n GO, Endorphina, etc. They are the most prominent that also set the industry standard – many smaller providers and brands look up to them. They provide a world-class product and service by always prioritizing customer convenience as a top priority.

For the record, choosing a trusted online casino Singapore is a chore that can be pretty difficult. For that, you can entrust us, CasinosWikiOnline, to recommend various providers and brands that we think are worthy of choice. Our review will be very informative and can help you become a better player.

Looking at the description above, in our opinion at CasinosWikiOnline, a more appropriate and beneficial question should be: “Are online casinos more superior if compared to their competitors who still carry a traditional (land-based) feel?” So we will discuss this question more in the following sections.

Online Casino Is Better than Land-based Casino

To strengthen this statement, we will provide several reasons why online casinos are superior to land-based ones. These are some of the reasons we consider the most relevant in describing how lagging the traditional land-based mode is.

  • Play anytime and everywhere.

One of the signature reasons why online casinos in Singapore are better than land-based ones is the compactness issues. Since online casinos mostly use digital platforms as their system basis, to just be able to play, the members and customers can access them without even having to go to specific places. It allows players to be able to play from wherever they are. Moreover, online casinos also make it possible for players to play at any time, whether when they are free during breaks or in the middle of relaxing with family – whenever it is, online casinos surely can accommodate.

  • No capacity limit.

Unlike land-based casinos that rely on various services and products in physical form, online casinos (that rely on digital modes) will certainly not be troubled by capacity constraints. No matter how many players are present and want to play at that time, online casinos can hold them easily. Players also do not have to worry about trivial things usually found in land-based casinos, such as not getting their turn to play the game they want, queueing to get a chance, and so on. There will always be available seats for players in various products and services of online casino Singapore.

  • More service and product.

Also related to physical capacity, online casinos do not really worry about the basics related to the number of products and services they offer, such as how many tables they can put up or the number of slot machines they currently have. By being based on the latest technology platforms, they can have as many products and services as they want such as live casino games,  online slots, sports betting – it is practically unlimited! Of course, with the exposure of this amount, the existing limit will only be the will of the customers and members themselves: have you played all of them? 

  • 24/7 Non-stop.

Another limitation that can also be found from land-based ones is that their door is certainly not always open forever. Although there are land-based casinos that can serve customers with a 24-hour non-stop policy, there are times when they need to temporarily close either part or all of their services and products. It happens for both operational and maintenance reasons. But the same case does not happen with online casinos. The online one will always open their service 24/7 without stopping. There is no such term as ‘operating hours’ or ‘periodic maintenance’ that requires them to stop serving their customers and members.

  • Lots of bonuses and promotions.

And finally, the last thing we present here that we think deserves to be the reason why online casinos are worth more is a large number of bonuses and promotions offered. There will be a lot of bonuses and promotions offered by providers and brands. It can be used to the fullest by players and enthusiasts, especially those who really aim to make profits instead of only having fun playing. For that, you can read previous articles on the topic of abusing bonuses.


And that was the discussion about online casino Singapore 101 in the article entitled “CasinosWikiOnline – Is Online Casinos Legal in Singapore?”. We highly recommend switching to an online casino, especially for those “veteran” land-based casino players who have never experienced the excitement of playing the online one.

Some of the reasons above are just a few that we consider the most relevant, and that does not mean they are the only reasons that make online casinos so worth playing. There are many other reasons out there, and we are giving you the chance to experience them for yourself! So stay tuned for our various articles and recommendations regarding online casino reviews because we, CasinosWikiOnline, are the best. Have a nice play!